The World According to Scott

What I have learned in 28 years:

  • 1. The hours are long, there isn’t any money in this line of work and you have a small butt from it getting chewed all day.
  • 2. Roots aren’t very sexy but they are the key to everything. Soil preparation is important.
  • 3. Nature uses weather to thin the herd. It takes out the weak, rewards the strong and punishes bad choices. We tend to try and do what we want rather than work with what our environment gives us. Instead of putting a groundcover under the shade tree, we want grass. It fails so we try again and again.
  • 4. Putting the right plant in the right spot solves 90% of the problem. I consider drainage, mature size of the plant, ease of care, soil type, amount of sun and shade needed plus the attractiveness factor. The novice focuses on what it looks like.
  • 5. Some plants have built-in liabilities. Bradford Pears will fall apart before they celebrate 20 years in your lawn. Arborvitae have a bagworm guarantee. Purple leaf plums get borers and Evergreen Euonymus have a race to see if scale will kill them before gall does. Avoiding problem plants makes gardening easier.
  • 6. If your soil is poor, water becomes more important for success. A soil  that has good organic material and is fertile will allow plants to survive stressful conditions without water. You do realize most of you are working with basement clay subsoil. This junk won’t support
    intelligent life.

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